The wealth of this queen of Arabia is five times that of the British royal family!


Moza bint Nasser

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is one of the queens of the Arab world! She is fashion conscious, highly educated, modern. However, the royal family of Britain has earned respect for a completely different reason.

Critics say Buckingham Palace has always had a noble cause. That Buckingham invited this queen of Arabia. The royal banquet, the royal banquet, was erected in her honor at the Queen's khas residence, Windsor Castle.

The name of that queen of the Arab world is Moza bint Nasser. The kingdom is in the Arab country of Qatar. She is the wife of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former King of Qatar. And the mother of the present King Sheikh Thamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Age is not less. Socks mother of seven. However, when he visited Britain, the British media, fascinated by him, compared him to the heroines of film director Alfred Hitchcock.

Moviegoers say Hitchcock's heroines are characterized by the fact that they are all stylish, aristocratic, majestic and light-masked women with a strange cold personality, with a lot of fire burning inside. Vanity Fair, a British fashion magazine, wrote: We are fascinated.

However, the analogy described one side of the sock. The Queen of Qatar and now the Queen Mother Soza has elevated herself above fashion, royalty and nobility through her work. The royal abundance is of course found in his marriage formula. However, as the Queen of Qatar, she is the owner of the property, in which all the assets of the British royal family can be bought at least five times.

With that huge amount of money and the resources under the ground of Qatar, he could live a comfortable life with his feet like the socks and five queens. That did not detract from her fashionable attire. Other queens in the Arab world live in the same way.

But Moza decided he would work for the country. Useful for the development of the country. Qatar's wealth will one day disappear. Even then, Moza began to try not to lose its relevance to Qatar. And first of all he emphasized on education.

There is probably no other city in the world dedicated solely to education. Education City made socks in Qatar. A city with modern education. Educational institutions around the world have been amazed by the architecture and modern technology facilities of one of the educational buildings in that city. All the world renowned universities have opened their branches in the educational city of Qatar.

Qatar is a monarchical country. But if the monarchy is to survive, it needs the support of the people. The Queen of Qatar therefore created the Arab Democracy Foundation. This organization made up of talented people of the country keeps an eye on whether democracy is being protected in the country or not.

In fact, Moza's father was an opponent of the King of Qatar. He spoke on behalf of the people. Moza's father had to leave Qatar with his family once he got angry with the former king. Later his daughter was married to the royal family. Who would have thought that if you do not think about the socks tenants!

Moza has done much more as the Queen of Qatar. At one point in time, Qatar has reached the peak of its growth in the last twenty years, following the current policy of selling oil only. Everything has been done under the supervision of Qatar Foundation for making socks.

The Siltech project has been created to provide jobs to the youth of Qatar, modern medical colleges have been set up in Qatar, separate hospitals for the treatment of children and women, and medical research centers. In the interest of its development, the royal family has given a grant of ৭ 6.9 billion.

Moza bint Nasser has even made arrangements to build a shrine for non-Muslims living in Qatar. No other Qatari king or queen has been seen to think of communal harmony before.

In the male-dominated world of West Asia, it is not a woman's face to work for the country like this, but Moza never cared who said what. In the Arab world, where girls cover their heads from head to toe with a veil, the Queen of Qatar walks around the country wearing a turban and a turban.

Naturally, socks are looked down upon in various Arab countries. A woman who is mixing the culture of the Arab world. However, Moza has been able to create his own identity in the international political arena because of this quality.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's husband, is reported to have been overwhelmed by the sight of the socks during his visit to Britain. Listening to his work. However, Philip's love for socks was presented in a slightly different way by some British dailies. Photographers captured various moments of Moza-Philippe. The report also hinted that Philip had fallen in love with those pictures in his old age.

In another case, the socks have ace the Queen of Britain. Moza recently bought a new mansion in London. That house is the most expensive property in Britain at the moment. Experts say the way the socks are planned to decorate the house will also defeat Britain's royal palace.

The Queen of Qatar has never been short of money, now the queen mother, the socks. This is not the case in the Arab world, especially in the royal family of countries like Qatar. But socks are not limited to the boundaries of the common man. Because he himself was ordinary at one time.

Poverty is the biggest problem in West Asian countries. Mozar's father had to go to jail demanding equal distribution of wealth among the people of the country. Surprisingly, when King Mozar sent his father to prison, his son fell in love with Mozar.

Those who got married in 197 socks

They said that there was no smile on the face of the future queen in the wedding dress. Although in the end the smile was soothing. He has been able to bring the monarchy of Qatar closer to the people. He has shown that by overthrowing the reforms of the Arab world, the regime can be broken if it wants to. All you need is courage and courage.

Source: Anandabazar

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